Overview of OCR Europe

Definitions, Composition, Responsibilities

OCR Europe is a Zone created under the General Statutes of the World OCR, the Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO). OCR Europe has acquired legal status and is organised in accordance with the laws governing the country in which its Headquarters are located.  OCR Europe is organised as a registered Association. The institutional (legal) name of the Association is "European Obstacle Sports Federation" and the brand (common) name is OCR Europe. Its seat shall be in Lausanne, Switzerland (initially, it will be located in the home country of the President).

OCR Europe consists of those national member federations of FISO assigned to it by FISO. The national federations which are members of OCR Europe are listed in Annex 1, as attached to these Bye-Laws. 

OCR Europe is designated as the sole competent authority authorised and delegated by FISO for promoting, supervising, and directing all men’s and women’s obstacle course racing activities within the Zone. 

OCR Europe has the purpose to promote, supervise and direct obstacle course racing in Europe. OCR Europe fulfils this purpose in particular by: 

  • Promoting the practice of obstacle course racing in the territory under its jurisdiction and to control the organisation of international competitions in Europe, both for national teams and club teams, in a permanent, regular manner and in strict compliance with the FISO Official Competition Rules.  
  • Abiding by the FISO General Statutes and Internal Regulations  
  • Abiding by and enforce these Bye-Laws and all other Regulations of OCR Europe;  
  • Impose sanctions upon the members and entities under its jurisdiction which are within its mandate and regulations;  
  • Archive and make public the results of all international competitions taking place in its territory and to present activity reports to the General Assembly;  
  • Present to the Central Board of FISO any information deemed to be useful in the interests of world obstacle course racing;  
  • Designate members to the Central Board of FISO, in accordance with the Statutes of FISO.  

OCR Europe shall pursue the above purposes solely and directly in a non-for-profit manner. The Association shall not act for its own gains and shall not primarily pursue economic goals of its own. 

The resources of the Association may only be used for the purposes which are in accordance with these Bye-Laws. The members shall not receive any remuneration out of the resources of the Association. 

No person shall be preferred through expenditure which is foreign to the purposes of the Association or by disproportionately high remuneration. 

National federations shall benefit from the rights granted to them by these Bye-Laws and Regulations and decisions made under them. 

Registration for OCR Europe competitions shall be open to national teams and club teams affiliated to national federations, according to the structure of competitions as defined by the Board of OCR Europe in accordance with Article 15 of these Bye-Laws. 

National federations shall: 

  • Observe the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship and ensure that these principles be observed by their clubs, players and officials.  
  • Abide by and enforce the Official Obstacle course racing Rules, the provisions contained in the General Statutes and Internal Regulations of FISO and decisions made in conformity therewith,
  • Abide by and enforce the Bye-Laws, Regulations, Rules and policies of OCR Europe, and decisions made in conformity therewith, provided that they are not in conflict with those of FISO;  
  • Be held liable for all financial commitments of their clubs towards OCR Europe.  

A national federation may be sanctioned if it violates, contravenes or otherwise fails to comply with these provisions. 

Leagues or any other groups of clubs at national federation level shall be permitted to operate only with the national federation's expressed consent and shall be subordinate to it. The national federation shall define the powers delegated to any such group, as well as its rights and obligations. 

International Leagues or any other group of clubs at European level shall be permitted to operate only with the expressed consent of OCR Europe. OCR Europe shall define the powers delegated to any such group, as well as its rights and obligations. The regulations of any such group shall be subject to the approval of OCR Europe.