If you are seeking recognition as a national governing body (National Member Federation, NF) for an Obstacle Sport or related discipline, instructions are available in the Joining Kit and Membership Criteria documents from World OCR. You must complete and return the National Federation Membership Application to be considered for affiliation. 

European organisations granted membership of World OCR are automatically assigned membership of OCR Europe. There can only be one NF member for each country. If more than one organisation is seeking membership, collaboration will be encouraged and assistance provided to facilitate co-operation.


If you are seeking recognition as an European association, club, league or similar organization, please complete and return the Affiliation Request Form. Note that affiliated organizations cannot operate only in one country (it must be operate in more than one country within Europe) and has no voting rights at the general assembly.


The NF must be recognized as the governing body for the sport in their country or be working toward recognition. The applicable National Olympic Committee (NOC) and/or National Government Sports Agency (NGSA) must confirm this status. 

NFs working toward recognition may be granted membership provided they are actively seeking approval as their recognized national governing body for Obstacle Course Racing or a related sport in their country.

Become a Member

The members of OCR Europe are the national federations and associations representing each country in the European Continental Zone of World OCR.

Collectively, the members make up the General Assembly, which is the highest executive power of OCR Europe. 

National members of federations of World OCR representing countries in Europe automatically assigned membership of OCR Europe.