OCR World Series V

OCR Virtual World Series

Continental and National Results and Rankings!

It's real, It’s on-line and It’s free!

Anyone can compete to be national, continental and/or world champion at each event and for the series! The goal of the virtual world series is to help you stay fit and compare yourself with anyone (or everyone) else in the world. This is primarily designed to fun, a bit competitive if you want, and above all ... fun!

The World Series is six mixed reality races that crown the World Series champions after the final race in October. Points are awarded for each race and points from your top four races count toward the final standings. 

Accumulated points for the top three elite athletes in each category, from each country are automatically included in the World Team Rankings.

A new set of obstacle exercises will be announced for each World Series Event. Feel free to send us your suggestions, this is for you! Contact technical@worldocr.org

Race as many times as you like each month! The most recent information entered counts in the results and rankings. 



Gold Silver and Bronze virtual medals will be awarded across all categories and the final medal table will show the top performing athletes and countries!

National Federations may require additional requirements for athletes in each country. Contact your national governing body here for details.


5 km Run and 20 obstacles (3 km and 12 obstacles for under 10 years old)

One lap is:

  • (start) 100m run
  • 10x push ups
  • 200m run
  • 200m carry
  • 200m run
  • 10x box jumps
  • 200m run
  • 5x pull ups 
  • 100m run (finish)

Repeat 5 laps for 5 km

If you are in a small space you may choose one of the following:

  • Confined space: 50 Jumping Jacks per 100m equivalent. 100 JJ = 200m run.
  • 5x 5m (~16 ft) Shuttle Run laps per 100m equivalent. One lap is out and back (10m total). 10x 5m SR laps = 200m run.
  • 3x 10m (~33 ft) Shuttle Run laps per 100m equivalent (20m laps). 6x 10m SR laps = 200m run.


Push Ups

  • Start arms straight at the top
  • Chest to ground, up to straight arms
  • Finish with arms straight after the 10th chest to ground
  • Open and kids (under 10 years old) can do push ups with knees on the ground

200m Carry (weights as close as possible to the following - no less for competitive categories!):

  • 30 kg (65 lb) men (elite and age group)
  • 20 kg (45 lb) women (elite and age group)
  • 15 kg (35 lb) for 16 through 19 years old and Open
  • 10 kg (20 lb) for 10-15
  • 5 kg (10 lb) or U10
  • Can be out and back laps so long as they are verified
  • Weight can be any object(s) provided you hold them in your hand(s): use a bucket, water jugs, jerry cans, rocks, log, kettlebells, dumbbells, it's up to you!
  • Weight(s) must be supported by your hands and must remain below shoulder height.

Box Jumps

  • 0.5 m (20”) high
  • Arms fully extended (straight) overhead standing on the box with legs straight
  • Use any step, box, wall, bench, rock, log, etc. 
  • Step ups and step downs are allowed.

Pull Ups

  • Chin to bar
  • Elbows no less than 90 degrees at the bottom (no need to have straight arms at the bottom)
  • Kipping is OK! 
  • Use pull up bars, door frame, rope or towel over a tree branch, playground structure, goal posts, etc. 
  • Open and kids (under 10 years old) can jump into the pull up, i.e. feet on the ground between each. 
  • Rest is OK between pull ups for age group categories. 
  • Elite must not touch the ground between repetitions, i.e. must do all five in each set continuously.
  • A 30 second penalty will be assessed for each incomplete pull up set. 

Download the OCRWS-V event details below for options and information.

General OCR Competition Rules apply. We expect everyone to be polite, courteous and sportsmanlike. Cheating or unruly behavior, on-line or otherwise, may result in disqualification. The World OCR Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics apply.


  • Elite (no age requirements)
  • 5-year Age Groups: 20 through 65+ (20-24, 25-29, etc.)
  • 2-year AG: 10-11 through 18-19
  • Open (no verification but no awards)
  • Elite Team (automatically calculated)
  • Para OCR: PO1, PO2-4 and PO5 classification details here


Individual results will be provided by country, continent and overall (for the entire world!)

Results and rankings are tabulated after registration closes each month. 

Team rankings work the same way, the lowest score wins!

Video verification will be used to validate obstacle completion*. If you cannot prove completion, you may be excluded from the results and rankings. Videos are public and available for public review and verification. 


Anywhere! Distance is verified by phone, wearable GPS enabled app or national federation official*. Your running routes and obstacle locations are solely at your discretion, but you must upload screenshots of your run route, total distance and time to the digital results board.

All finishers receive a digital finisher medal, national, continental and global results and rankings!


All times are US Eastern (GMT - 5 hours)

World Series #1 May 8, 12:00 AM to May 31, 11:55 PM
World Series #2 June 1, 12:00 AM to June 30, 11:55 PM
World Series #3 July 1 - 31
World Series #4 August 1 - 31
World Series #5 September 1 - 30
World Series #6 October 1 - 31


  1. Register for free here There is one race per month from May through October.
  2. Compete anytime you want before the end of the month for each World Series Event. 
  3. Post your video to YouTube (you will need this for step 4)
  4. Login to our digital results portal and enter your time, video and the screenshot of your run under the Activities Tab (or image of your event verification form) the appropriate category.*
  5. Post your video on Instagram Stories and tag @worldocr #ocrworldseriesV #ocr #worldocr
  6. For countries with limited access to technology and related infrastructure, please work with your national federation. Contacts your federation here.

*If you don't have access to a GPS tracker, you can use a measured athletic track (100m, 400m, etc.) or similar and have an official from your national federation verify the distance.  Download the verification form below and upload as your screenshot.

The scoreboard is live and keeps accurate rankings as new times are entered, so make sure to check back throughout the day and send daps to your friends as they complete the workout.


OCR European Championships

Dolomiti Trentino, Italy - POSTPONED until 2021


The OCR European Championships is held to develop and promote Obstacle Course Racing, related disciplines and events in Europe and to support elite European OCR racing talent, promote top European race events and provide an opportunity for age group athletes to compete along side elites. 

The OCR European Championships consist of qualifying events around Europe culminating in one final event in June. The Championships rotate between host countries each year.

There are cash prizes for the top 3 finishers in the elite waves. The prize purse is to specified by the OCR Europe Board and organizing committee of the host nation. Male and female athletes receive the same amount of prize money.


FISO OCR World Championships


The Sochi WC will proceed, subject to travel and health restrictions due to the Coronavirus


The FISO OCR World Championships are the official championships of the national federation members of World OCR, representing athletes from countries on all continents. The event will be at the site of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, in Sochi Russia, located in the beautiful Caucus Mountains by the Black Sea.

Full details available here


Event formats include the 160 m Ninja OCR, 3 km OCR (~ 20 obstacles ) and 12+ km OCR (~ 60 obstacles) cross country Obstacle Course Races.


Cash Prizes for Elite Categories Competitive race categories include individual men and women in Elite plus five year age groups: U20 to 60+. National team races are mixed gender (3 people, at least 1 woman) in the 3 km OCR event. Open waves will be available in each event format for non-competitive athletes.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded for top three in each category. Prize money will be awarded to the top three finishers in Elite races. Medal tally will be kept for the top performing country and world records can be set in the Ninja OCR competition.


Qualification to represent each country is through the national federations. Championships such as the OCR European Championships, OCR Asia-Pacific Championships, national championships and races specified by each country's national federation may be qualifiers.

Details on qualification for in Country is available here


The  2020 FISO OCR World Championships are being hosted by OCR Russia, Hero League and Rosa Khutor Ski Resort in Sochi Russia. Athletes stay and dine in the Olympic Village at Rosa Khutor, the same rooms as the competing athletes in 2014.


The race venue is in Sochi, the home of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Rosa Khutor has a wide variety of terrain and 102 kilometres of trails and slopes.  This is a mountainous location so athletes need to be prepared for significant elevation gain and steep slopes.  


Sochi airport was built for the 2014 Olympics and is a 2 hour flight from Moscow. Ground transport from the airport to the race venue to the Olympic Village in Rosa Khutor takes about 45 minute.


Coach Training & Certification

Upcoming Courses


January 3 - 5, 2020 Copenhagen, Denmark

January 31 - February 2, Milton Keynes, England

February 21 - 23, Milton Keynes, England

On-line content coming soon


Coach training and certification in Europe is administrated under World OCR and is a three level programme designed to develop competent coaches teaching recreational athletes in Level 1 to professional and elite athletes in Level 3.

Level 1 is an introduction to coaching obstacle sports. It provides the principles and practices of safe and ethical coaching of obstacle sports sessions to youth, junior and adult recreational athletes and groups.

Completing a courses do not guarantee a certification. All candidates must complete written, aural and practical evaluations to demonstrate competency understanding and delivering the course material. 


The World OCR coaching system is a competency based programme, where coaches are taught, supported and assessed to ensure they are competent to hold the qualification. This system focuses on knowledge, skills and how to deliver them to students.


World OCR courses maximise candidate involvement through group activities, discussions, personal reflections and practical application.


The general format of World OCR coach education is academic, classroom based modules, followed by hands on application of each module. This provides the link between theory and applied coaching practice. This course integrates the knowledge and experience of the coaches with the course content. 

Suggested Reading

  • Running Rewired, Jay Dicharry
  • Endurance Training - Science and Practice, Iñigo Mujika
  • Run For Your Life, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella
  • Knack Weight Training for Women, Leah Garcia
  • Why We Sleep, Dr. Matthew Walker
  • The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing, Dr. Phil Maffetone
  • The Real Meal Revolution (first edition), Dr.Timothy Noakes

Instructors (Coach Trainers) - Europe

Nikolaj Maegaard Dam (DEN), BA, MSc Sport Science & Health, University of Southern Denmark, Advanced Strength, Conditioning and Sport Psychology (Calif. University Long Beach)

European Champion Mixed 2018, #1 Nordic Race Series 2016-2017, 2nd best European OCRWC, Co-owner  OCR Training Denmark

Leon Kofoed Andersen (DEN) MSc Copenhagen Business School, Mathematics and Economics, BSc Tulane Univeristy (USA) Finance

European Champion 2018 (Short course), European Champion Mixed 2018, Co-owner of OCR Training Denmark, Former Ninja Warrior Competitor, Passionate business owner, semi-pro OCR athlete, teacher at Copenhagen Business School.

Stefan Becker (GER) Swiss Obstacle Sports Federation national coach

Spartan SGX L2 Coach; Science of Exercise (University of Boulder Colorado); Exercise Physiology: Understanding the Athlete Within (with Distinction, The University of Melbourne) ; Nutrition and Physical Activity for Health (with Distinction, University of Pittsburgh); Diabetes - a Global Challenge (with Distinction, University of Copenhagen); Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle: Issues and Insights (Vanderbilt University); Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (University of California)

Leah Garcia (USA/ESP) BA, CPT

North American Mountain Bike Champion; Basque National Champion (Spain); 3x World Championship mountain bike competitor; Award winning TV professional; Celebrity fitness trainer; Author of Weight Training for Women and Cycling for Everyone

Ian Adamson (AUS/GBR) BEng (hon), MSc Sports Medicine

10x World Champion; Gold, Silver & Bronze X-Games medalist; 3x Guinness World Record Holder; US and Australian Canoe Team member; Author of Runners World Guide to Adventure Racing; University guest professor, event and television producer; Global head of coach certification and training Newton Running 2007 - 2014; Global head of coach certification, Corporate Adventure Training 1998 - 2003; Instructor Certifications: sea kayak, white water rafting, sailing, climbing, mountain bike, wilderness navigation, adventure racing (coach certifier)