Board and Executive


President: Malin Spång (SWE)

Vice President: Claus Dietz (DEN)

Treasurer: Adam Bartosiewicz (POL)

Secretary: Gia Metreveli (GEO)

Members: Nora Vannessa Ruembeli (SUI),  Ian Adamson (Ex-officio)

Members and Delegates

Austrian Obstacle Sports Federation: Dr. Christian Oehner

Belarusian Obstacle Sports Federation: Alina Tsurikova

Belgium Obstacle Course Racing Association: Sven Maes

Obstacle Racing CR: Petr Vinicky

Danish Obstacle Course Racing Association: Claus Dietz

OCRA España: Cesar Martin

Estonia Multisport Union: Siim Ausmees

Association Francaise de Courses a Obstacles: Léa Frugier

Obstacle Sports Georgia: Gia Metreveli

OCRA Germany Stefan Biedermann

OCR Gibraltar: Juri Williamson

Hungarian Obstacle Course Racing Association: Viktor Toth

OCR Association Ireland: Philip Maher

Federazione Italiana OCR: Mauro Leoni

Liechtenstein Obstacle Sports Federation: German Matt

OCR Lithuania: Garbiel Gedzius

Netherlands: John de Haan

Norwegian OCR Association NOCRA: Marius W. Larsen

OCR Poland: Jacek Kozicki

Portugal OCR: Mário João de Matos Porfírio

OCR Russia: Denis Annikov

OCRA Slovakia: Bronislava Chrappa

Swedish Obstacle Course Racing Association: Adam Egerblom

Swiss Obstacle Sports Federation: Marcial Luthy

Obstacle Racing Federation of Ukraine: Oleksandr Trohymets 

The Board of OCR Europe shall have the powers delegated to it under the Bye-Laws. The term of office of the members of the Board of OCR Europe shall be four (4) years.

The President of OCR Europe, and in his absence the Vice-President having the most seniority in the Board of OCR Europe, shall chair the Board and the Executive Committee of OCR Europe. 


The Board of OCR Europe shall consist of a maximum of 25 members with voting rights. They are: 

  • The President, with an original and an eventual casting vote, except for elections;  
  • The Treasurer;  
  • The other 23 members (both genders must be represented by at least 2 people);
  • The President of World OCR (or his delegate), with no voting powers.

The Secretary General shall attend the meetings of the Board with consultative powers only. 

The President and/or the Secretary General may invite other persons to attend the meetings of the Board, having consultative powers only. 


The members of the Board of OCR Europe shall hold office in a strictly personal capacity. 

Members of the Executive board may not hold board or stake holder positions in for profit organisations in related fields which may be perceived as conflict of interest. They may also not hold President, Chairperson or Director positions in obstacle sports national federations, once FISO has been fully recognised as a Sport by the International Olympic Committee.

They shall not be in the employment of OCR Europe. The number of members on the Board of OCR Europe having the same nationality and voting rights, excluding the President, is limited to one.


The Board of OCR Europe shall have the power to:


  • Designate from its members the following: 
    • The member on the Central Board of FISO. Their role and responsibility are defined by the FISO General Statutes.  
    • The Vice-President.  
    • The two (2) members to the Executive Committee.  
  • Appoint the Presidents and members of the Permanent Commissions. These members shall represent first and foremost the interest of OCR Europe.  
  • Recognise or to withdraw recognition from any organisation whose aim is to develop obstacle course racing in the European Zone;  
  • Appoint the Secretary General or relieve him of his duties;  
  • Approve the Secretary General’s annual working plan as well as any long-term strategic plan;  
  • Determine the financial policy, approve the budget and the financial reports as prepared by the Secretary General, and approve the audited accounts as prepared by the Treasurer and the auditors;  
  • Appoint an external auditor; 
  • Supervise the practice of obstacle course racing within the European Zone;  
  • Define the organisational structure of all European International Competitions and assign the organisers of the Finals for national team competitions;  
  • Decide the suspension, removal of such suspension, or exclusion from European International Competitions of any affiliated national federation;  
  • Adopt and modify the Regulations of OCR Europe;  
  • Change the location of the headquarters of OCR Europe;


The Treasurer shall be responsible for controlling the financial administration of OCR Europe and to present the audited statements of account to the Board and the General Assembly. He shall chair the Finance Commission. 


Between the meetings of the Board of OCR Europe, the President and/or the Secretary General may convene a meeting of the Executive Committee which is authorised to take the necessary decision(s) of urgent nature on behalf of the Board.